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January 27, 2013

Blackjack Insurance vs. Even Money

Although the concept and the math is easy on Blackjack relative and many recreational players do not know that "Even Money" is identical with an "Insurance Bet".

If the dealer is holding an ace, the players have the option to make an "Insurance Bet" to. This bet wins if the dealer gets blackjack and losing in every other (non-picture card). Most players know that this bet is not really profitable, because the house advantage is about 8%.

If the player has blackjack and the dealer keeps an ace, the player has the option EVEN MONEY for his hand to choose, he then receives a payout is 3:2 if the dealer is not Blackjack receives or pushes if the dealer would get blackjack. The two bets are virtually identical. Select even money is exactly the same as you would do an "Insurance Bet". Let us assume once you do that with a $ 100 blackjack hand an "Insurance Bet". They put $ 50 on "Insurance" and the dealer does not get Blackjack - they lose the $ 50 Insurance and get $ 150 for their blackjack hand, so a net profit of $ 100 for you. If the dealer would get blackjack, you get nothing for their own blackjack, but get $ 100 for their "insurance" applications. If you had selected in their blackjack hand even money, you'd get $ 100 for her hand.

Ultimately, it does not matter if you select "Even Money" or "Insurance", no matter what happens, their profit is still $ 100. Both options are not good bets, you will win long term, more money if you do not use these two missions. In the Long Run, "the dealer will get Blackjack not often enough to even money" or an "Insurance Bet" make profit.

"Even Money" or "Insurance Bet" is a bad strategy, and they should not choose these options if they are offered to them.


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