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January 22, 2013

Mike Sexton Inducted into Poker Hall of Fame

Mike Sexton Inducted into Poker Hall of FameMike Sexton is now an official part of Poker Hall of Fame out of the 38 elected members. The recording took place during an intimate and emotional ceremony in Las Vegas at the Rio Saturday Night during the break of the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Mike Sexton held during the intermission of the WSOP Main Event final tables at the dinner in a crowded room by a 20-minute speech. He said: "To you other eight guys on it too standet to vote, I pay part of my honor, as their large share of it you had that I can stand here now. That is what makes my day so special tribute, more said the fact that I was chosen instead of all the other first-class player who will be in my opinion, one day, all listed in the Hall of Fame. "

McEvoy, Doyle Brunson, TJ Cloutier, and Jack Binion opened the ceremony by saying that if you did not know the friendly sentiments between them, it would be more like comedy show, as a tribute to the Ruhmesalle. World Series of Poker Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack went on stage and Sexton described with one word: "Class".

Mike was presented by his older brother Tom. Tom made a touching presentation Mikes and his career and explained why his brother to the man he is today and explained why he thought this year, Mike had taken his place in the Hall of Fame. Tom mentioned a saying that the Las Vegas icon Steve Wynn has hanging in his office, which reads: "The vision is the art of seeing invisible things."

Tom said: "Mike was able to see the development of poker. The television and the Internet led us to the poker boom, and Mike was our player development for both."

"Our mother died almost 30 years ago and it's a shame they can not see Mike at the top of the poker world," he said while sobbing and had to, after which it was quiet in the room. "And our father died just over a year. He loved poker and he was happy to encourage Mike during his career. I know that he still wakes up the evening with a big smile on us."

Mike thanked after the celebration of a number of people and said, "have been included in the Hall of Fame, it allowed me to be for the rest of my life among the greatest players of this game. But if one day I'm gone, so it will be able to enjoy my son. That makes me very proud."


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