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January 27, 2013

Blackjack Insurance vs. Even Money

Although the concept and the math is easy on Blackjack relative and many recreational players do not know that "Even Money" is identical with an "Insurance Bet".

If the dealer is holding an ace, the players have the option to make an "Insurance Bet" to. This bet wins if the dealer gets blackjack and losing in every other (non-picture card). Most players know that this bet is not really profitable, because the house advantage is about 8%.

If the player has blackjack and the dealer keeps an ace, the player has the option EVEN MONEY for his hand to choose, he then receives a payout is 3:2 if the dealer is not Blackjack receives or pushes if the dealer would get blackjack. The two bets are virtually identical. Select even money is exactly the same as you would do an "Insurance Bet". Let us assume once you do that with a $ 100 blackjack hand an "Insurance Bet". They put $ 50 on "Insurance" and the dealer does not get Blackjack - they lose the $ 50 Insurance and get $ 150 for their blackjack hand, so a net profit of $ 100 for you. If the dealer would get blackjack, you get nothing for their own blackjack, but get $ 100 for their "insurance" applications. If you had selected in their blackjack hand even money, you'd get $ 100 for her hand.

Ultimately, it does not matter if you select "Even Money" or "Insurance", no matter what happens, their profit is still $ 100. Both options are not good bets, you will win long term, more money if you do not use these two missions. In the Long Run, "the dealer will get Blackjack not often enough to even money" or an "Insurance Bet" make profit.

"Even Money" or "Insurance Bet" is a bad strategy, and they should not choose these options if they are offered to them.

January 24, 2013

Increasing Number of Online Poker Players

The online gambling industry continues to grow steadily, more specifically because of the high number of female players joining the band wagon. Probably the idea of men who sit smoking a cigar with a readily accessible beer around a table lingers in most people's minds if the word Poker is mentioned. But now it looks like things have gone up a bit different and the game is continuously strengthened in the present time by women compete and gamble at the table and even playing poker online. In fact, many of them are superior even to the men and sometimes they are getting hooked up in the table overthrowing the majority. Gone are the days where women are being discriminated and thought to be inferior as compared to men. Women are now starting to adapt to the things that the male gender is capable of doing.

Most of the female players that are already known and received an overwhelming amount of fame include, for example, Annette Obrestad a Norwegian Poker Player which became the youngest person to ever win a World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) bracelet. Also we have Jennifer Harman who started playing poker at the age of eight. Harman won her first World Series of Poker bracelet in 2000 at the prestigious No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball Event. Lastly we have Vanessa Ruosso which known by her fans online by the screen name Lady Maverick, has been earning big money as a professional poker player since 2005. All of these became poker icons because of their talents, and of course, because of their good looks especially when they appear in the front pages of poker magazines.

Poker Players Research claimed in a recent study on the online poker market, that the number will rise dramatically for women playing poker in the coming years. Within two years or so, it is in the study that the proportion of women playing poker will raise to about a third. The greatest tournaments in the world, such as the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker conducted their "ladies offered only" tournaments because they know exactly where the market is controlled at the moment. The online poker rooms are starting to market their games specifically for women and the increasing profile poker players.

Poker sites are now watching the online bingo in more details, as these are some of the factors that attracted the ladies and made them very successful. Researchers are looking forward to getting higher percentage in the coming years and one day, they can say with certainty that the combination of online bingo and online poker in the future for online gaming will show deals that will be marketed for women, more than ever.

January 22, 2013

Mike Sexton Inducted into Poker Hall of Fame

Mike Sexton Inducted into Poker Hall of FameMike Sexton is now an official part of Poker Hall of Fame out of the 38 elected members. The recording took place during an intimate and emotional ceremony in Las Vegas at the Rio Saturday Night during the break of the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Mike Sexton held during the intermission of the WSOP Main Event final tables at the dinner in a crowded room by a 20-minute speech. He said: "To you other eight guys on it too standet to vote, I pay part of my honor, as their large share of it you had that I can stand here now. That is what makes my day so special tribute, more said the fact that I was chosen instead of all the other first-class player who will be in my opinion, one day, all listed in the Hall of Fame. "

McEvoy, Doyle Brunson, TJ Cloutier, and Jack Binion opened the ceremony by saying that if you did not know the friendly sentiments between them, it would be more like comedy show, as a tribute to the Ruhmesalle. World Series of Poker Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack went on stage and Sexton described with one word: "Class".

Mike was presented by his older brother Tom. Tom made a touching presentation Mikes and his career and explained why his brother to the man he is today and explained why he thought this year, Mike had taken his place in the Hall of Fame. Tom mentioned a saying that the Las Vegas icon Steve Wynn has hanging in his office, which reads: "The vision is the art of seeing invisible things."

Tom said: "Mike was able to see the development of poker. The television and the Internet led us to the poker boom, and Mike was our player development for both."

"Our mother died almost 30 years ago and it's a shame they can not see Mike at the top of the poker world," he said while sobbing and had to, after which it was quiet in the room. "And our father died just over a year. He loved poker and he was happy to encourage Mike during his career. I know that he still wakes up the evening with a big smile on us."

Mike thanked after the celebration of a number of people and said, "have been included in the Hall of Fame, it allowed me to be for the rest of my life among the greatest players of this game. But if one day I'm gone, so it will be able to enjoy my son. That makes me very proud."

January 19, 2013

Common mistakes in Online Blackjack

In blackjack, it is usually the right way to play each hand, depending on the situation. So it is definitely in the basic strategy. It is easy to learn, but almost all the players still make specific errors when you apply the basic strategy to their game. In the heat of battle, it happens quickly that we needed a "Rush" plays and hands played, which is actually long-term perspective, are not profitable. The idea behind the basic strategy is that the home advantage should be kept as small as possible, therefore, any deviation results from the basic strategy the house advantage to that is bigger, so it is recommended these errors avoid.

An interesting decision, which leads many players to confusion arises when you hold 99 and throughout the dealer is only a 9th This situation looks very positive at first glance, but the long term this situation is not considered profitable for you, so it must be your goal to minimize losses in this situation. 9 of 18, the dealer will hit only 40% of cases, but if you have split, you have a great chance of making a 19 (or get better), which improves their chances of winning at almost 50%. Although it appears to be rather suicidal to split such an attractive hand, but it is definitely the right approach 99 to split whenever the dealer 9 stops.

Another interesting scenario arises with a pair if you hold 8-8 and the dealer has a 10 Another situation in which many new players can not really decide. The idea to split 8-8 in order to get any two hands, each with 18, only to see that with both hands, the dealer gets 20 and wins both hands, do not appear all at once logical. Sure, the happening from time to time, but long-term perspective, you lose only half as much money, if its 8-8 split, as if you do not split and play the 16th

Many beginners make the mistake with a soft 17, no further card to take. This is not a very clever move. You can only win if the dealer is Busted, so you have nothing to lose if you do take a map and try to improve their hand value! With a soft 17, you should always choose HIT (or double-down) and try a hand with a greater chance of winning get.

Another common mistake is the fact that some players are not able to give up their hand. Many players do not want to lose half of their deployment, because you (throw away their cards or simply do not understand the rules), so many players prefer to play the hand to the bitter end against the dealer. At first glance, it feels naturally not good when you give up a hand and lose half of its deployment, but they must not think so, they must always remember that you lose by giving up their hand a half bet less. If you do it to recognize when you have to give a hand, will certainly increase their profits.

One often sees players who take on a hard 12 against the dealer, who holds a 3 or a 2, no more card, because you're afraid there could be a 10 and they would buster. At first sight it may perhaps seem that this policy would be logical, but in reality is only one third of the hands of a 10, with two thirds of the hands, however, the next map to improve the value of their hand.

You might get an 8 or a 9 and then hold a very strong hand. Do not be afraid busts against this, if the chances are good for them to improve their card value

A more common problem is when players make a soft 18 and the dealer has a 9, a 10 or an Ace An 18 appears at first glance to be a very strong hand, but it is actually inferior when it comes to competing against the dealer to win with 9,10 or Ace. With a soft 18 you need to take another card in this situation and try to improve their hand. With a hard 18, you can not take another card, because the chance that you Busters to high. With a soft 18 you should definitely use the opportunity to improve their hand and not be afraid to be busts. They should take on a soft 18 only then no additional cards if the dealer is a 2, a 7 or has 8th If the dealer has a 3, 4, 5 or 6 stops, is in this situation, a double-down, the only right decision.

Apply Avoid these common mistakes at the blackjack tables and retry the basic strategy in all situations correctly, then you have the best conditions to increase profits in the long term.

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