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December 30, 2009

Keno Rules

Keno is an enormously popular game that can be played around the world in casinos, clubs and pubs. The reason an incredibly huge popularity of this game is that it is very easy to learn and play. In addition, there are enough real chances to win big jackpots! The goal of the game is that the players fit together as many numbers as possible with those of the Kenoautomaten selected numbers. The number of hits is illuminated and the possible payout depends on the number of hits. Online Keno is a fast, delicious and exciting game!

The objective of Keno is that the player guessed that the numbers from 1 to 80 of the Kenoautomaten be randomly selected. The player selects for each game 1 to 15 numbers (between 1 and 80) and a bet. The Kenoautomat randomly selects 20 numbers.

The figures, which selects the Kenoautomat indiscriminately, are shown by a red Kenoball lands in this number field. All hits with which you have chosen numbers are displayed flashing yellow. The payout odds will depend on the chosen number of figures and games.

To win the rolling jackpot, you need the chosen ten numbers together with the indicated number of machines. You can also gain an ongoing part of the Jackpot if you have correctly predicted a smaller number of numbers.

If you like the Keno game in real casinos and clubs, you should enjoy it absolutely online and win lots of money!

December 29, 2009

Blackjack Psychology

Blackjack is a very popular game which is played in all casinos in the world. The card game is so popular because it is easy to learn, play and understand. In order to play blackjack, but also a certain skill required. Sure, on Blackjack luck plays a crucial role, we must also make strategic decisions that impact also on the outcome of the game. The more you adhere to the optimal strategy, the higher your chances of winning.

Sounds easy, but if you are at the table, e is its large number of other factors that may affect your game and keep you from the right to make strategic decisions. In this article we want to deal with some of these factors, so you know what to look at the table and not be influenced by these factors prevent them from making the right decisions.

Emotions are very difficult to control. When you win, you're happy in general, if you normally lose excited. Your feelings can affect the way how you play. If you win, you may start to "looser" to play and take more risks. If you lose, you might try desperately to win back your losses back. To know what mood you're straight and currently looks like your own attitude is very important when a successful blackjack player wants to be.

It's always good when you start the session with a positive attitude, because you avoid anger and stress at the gaming table. The anger could influence your decisions, so you should always make sure that you have a clear head when you go to the table.

Although we all want to win, we must be aware that you can not always win. You can not win every hand. If you have excessively high, unrealistic expectations, this can cause many negative emotions, if you lose time. You will feel frustrated, angry, stressed and anxious. These emotions can be very negative over the decisions affecting the gaming table. They start as substitute higher than you had planned it properly and try to win back your losses. Doubled each time the stakes, if you have lost is not a real typesetting system and also works either.

If you are intimidated because you had lost, forgotten, or perhaps you split doubled if it were really important to play optimally. Such decisions to remove themselves from the ever-optimal strategy, which will mean that you will ultimately feel worse.

If you had a bad beat or had lost several times in succession and you begin to notice that negative emotions build up inside you, what should you do? If you can identify these emotions, then you can also do something about it. The best way then to make a few minute break. Get up, you knit a little, take a deep breath and take a walk around a little, but you should try this to clear his head. Sometimes it also helps the online casino to change or try a new game to get new ideas. If you lose and it's late in the evening, you should not try to back your losses at all costs to win again. Just go offline and play the next day continued with a clear head.

The time in which you play, you should enjoy and play for fun instead of trying desperately to win money. Of course we all want to win, but if you are of the opinion that you necessarily have to win at all costs, you will make wrong decisions because you try doggedly to win. Take a deep breath, relax a bit and enjoy the time in which you play, then the results will speak for itself.

Basically you can say that you must have a clear head and have to bring a positive attitude when you play blackjack like to make the right decisions. Emotions will negatively affect your decisions, so you should check your emotions and find ways to make your head clear again, to give yourself the best chance to successfully play blackjack! Good luck!

December 28, 2009

Online Casino Autoplay function

We all appreciate the advantage of being able to play comfortably from home in the online casino. Man must not worry about it, what attracts you how to find a parking space and not have to bother with slow dealers! In online casinos you can whenever you want to switch between the casinos and play your favorite games. Everything is just a click away ... and that's why there is the "Autoplay" feature.

The helpful AutoPlay feature allows you to play your favorite casino games without having to repeatedly click the mouse to have! You really should not even sit in front of the PC! Sounds too good to be true?

For most of Casinos you should always make basic decisions about the amount of your bets. Often the decision is not as difficult as it keeps making the same bets or take the same decisions. The AutoPlay feature allows you to automatically set without having to constantly have to click with the mouse. If you wish to bet in roulette, for example, coming back to your favorite numbers, you can set the AutoPlay function that the software automatically makes for you the bets on your favorite numbers. Among the other games, for which are also AutoPlay features available include Blackjack, Online Slots and Baccarat.

The autoplay feature will typically offer a few different settings that you program yourself. You can choose for example, that a certain number of bets / spins is made, or that the game is finished when a certain amount has been won.

With AutoPlay, you can also unlock a bonus with minimal risk. They give off a small operation and program the autoplay so that little use is automatically set again, then let the autoplay feature to simply play and you can spend your time with something else.

If you then start to play blackjack, the autoplay feature can also be very beneficial. You can set the autoplay function so that the basic strategy is applied, which of course has a high learning effect. You can then watch should be played as with the correct strategy, and by that AutoPlay sure that you do not make bad decisions ..

Where can you find the Autoplay feature? Not all online casinos offer this feature on the Microgaming network, this feature is not standard and you could use the AutoPlay feature immediately.

The AutoPlay feature is a great way to recurring, small stakes or automate repetitive game sequences. It can also be used as a teaching aid or as a way to play free bonus with a minimum of a high risk. You could also try, Autoplay gives you a lot of advantages!

December 27, 2009

Online Casino Hold'em Strategy

Online Casino Hold'emOne of the most popular poker games in online casinos is Casino Hold'em. This game is played like Texas Hold'em, so the rules of the game already sounds familiar for most players. Most online poker players know of course that a good strategy in poker is ver verportant, so you will find below some tips on how to effective should play Casino Hold'em.

The best thing about Casino Hold'em is that you play only against the dealer, so do not worry about the game behavior of other players. This is a crucial difference between the regular Texas Hold'em, in which it is extremely important to the enemy "Read". At Casino Hold'em, the decision is somewhat easier because you only play against the dealer and his strategy is relatively simple.

First you must set the ante, then the hole cards and the flop is dealt (your hole cards are dealt and the flop) with the picture side up. This initial situation is familiar to most poker players already. Then you must decide based on their hole cards and the flop, whether you "Call" or "want to fold."

Common sense and some knowledge of poker strategy will help them decide whether you should be with their cards, "Call". If you decide to call, two more community cards deals face up and the dealer shows his cards. From a total of seven cards (two cards in your hand and the five community cards) and the dealer you make the best possible hand (your hand, you have two out of their hole card, and from three of the 5 board cards) to form and the best hand wins.

There are at the Casino Hold'em no rigid rules for decision making. Mostly it's the right play from a mathematical point of view, "Call" and the hand to the end. So if you are any pair, a straight draw, a flush draw or two over cards have, you should call and play the hand over. Mathematically it is correct fold only in 18% of cases, such cards at very low levels (in relation to the board) and if there is no chance for a flush or straight. Play Over 80% of the hands, is certainly different to what one is accustomed to the regular poker table. But if you are to know how high the odds (odds) of any hand against any other hand, you will certainly understand that this way of playing is correct.

Also, remember that the hand (the dealer from which the 2 hole cards of the dealer and 3 other cards from a total of 5 board cards formed) is at least a couple 4'er or better in order for the dealer qualifies. If the flop already brings a combination of cards, by which the dealer qualifies, you can be certain that pays according to their use, if you win the hand. This information may be particularly important if you have only a marginal hand.

If you play Casino Hold'em with the optimal strategy is the house edge at 2.16%. As with most other side bets, the odds at Casino Holdem side bets are also in favor of the house, the house edge for side bets is 6.26%. If you use their common sense and their Hold'em poker skill, I am sure that Casino Holdem an interesting alternative to normal online poker is.

December 24, 2009

Setting Your Mood Before Playing Casino

Playing in an online casino is a very popular pastime, which is caused by the fact that anyone can play, which has an Internet connection at any time in the online casino. There is nothing easier than to pay a few dollars and turn it by clicking the roulette wheel or throw the dice at the craps-table to. Because it is so simple in the online casino to play, it happens very often that players play longer sessions online, as they had originally intended. Often the game somehow becomes stuck, all the money was lost, but the players play on and on, trying desperately to win back their losses. Since playing online is as simple and convenient, you should develop an understanding as to when is the right time to play, so that itself ensures the best chance of success.

Thinking about the right time to play is a serious matter dealing with what really are very few casual players. If you think about times when your highest profits in the online casino have made, you will notice that you have these gains usually made at a time when you felt good, were full to the point, very focused and were relaxed yet .

If you look at this now, unlike your greatest losses - perhaps you've played late into the night and were tired, you may be tempted to chase your losses, have made it because of your stomach feeling neglected and therefore lacked the correct strategy or you felt frustrated or angry. It is interesting to note that players, who have lost to calm down so often pushed everything to their lack of luck. In reality, however, it is usually the case that the losses arose mainly because the players made mistakes and did not give their best. They were perhaps frustrated and took ill-considered interventions with high risk.

When one analyzes the results, will we begin to realize how important it is to consider the right time to play. In addition, you will in return be able to see what consequences it has when you play at a time at which you do not feel 100% ready.

December 22, 2009

History of Online Pachinko

Online PachinkoPachinko is originally from Japan and is based on a combination of pinball and slot machines. The term "pachinko" comes from the Japanese word pachi-pachi, which means so much to small objects, such as clicking or being used as another term for the crackling of fire. Pachinko uses many small metal balls, which look like the balls in a ball bearing. The original Pachinko machines were entirely mechanical, and came out without electricity. Over the years it continued to develop and computerized versions were developed. The players have the opportunity to determine the force of bullets, this is now no longer required mechanics, this task now takes over the computer.

Pachinko was once played exclusively in Japanese pachinko parlors, but in the course of the year, the game grew in popularity and quickly spread over the entire Asian continent. In the pachinko, balls are used, such as the chips in Poker. The players go to the pachinko parlors to buy a certain number of bullets and load them into the machine. Thereafter, the players shoot the ball into the upper part of the board, which consists of several pins, the players can win extra balls, which are already in the machine. In Japanese Pachinko parlors, it is illegal for the balls to be replaced with money. In some casinos, the balls at the end of the game but can be exchanged for cash.

To prevent the players in the modern casinos from bringing their own balls, they play with virtual bullets. The players throw coins into the vending machine and receive a certain number of balls. The players shoot the balls into the pitch, the results are recorded by the pachinko slot machines and paid through the end credits or coins.

From the pachinko casinos came into the online world. Like in modern casinos, the players buy in online casino virtual bullets and used for deposits from their players account. If the players are lucky, they can then gain extra balls or credits. To fire the ball, players simply press the on-line on their mouse button, and can thus determine precisely the force with which the ball is shot. Thanks to a new generation of online players who know no geographical limitations note the popularity of pachinko in the online world constantly.

December 21, 2009

Player Wins Over Half a Million at King Cashalot Progessive Jackpot

King CashalotThis weekend has facilitated a lucky winner of the jackpot slot machines, King Cashalot, to $ 577.986.

King Cashalot has always been a hot progressive jackpot. In December 2006 where a player won the largest winnings so far, namely 1.7 million U.S. dollars. Then, just a month later, someone cracked the jackpot with over 1 million U.S. dollars. Followed by three smaller amounts were produced at the King Cashalot progressive jackpot, and then finally the current jackpot win of over half a million dollars. King Cashalot has also distributed about in the past on average once every five months a gain of more than 850,000 $. The King Cashalot is a slot machine with five reels and nine Auszahlungslinien.Thematisch he turns to the Middle Ages. The progressive jackpot will crack, if one has set the maximum bet, and five royal symbols appear on the nine pay lines activated.

The King Cashalot slot machines come in all Micrograming casinos, including the Roxy Palace and All Jackpots Casino.

December 20, 2009

New Fantastic Games at Intercasino

In the online Intercasino has been around a few days, two new fantastic games. The new games out of the house are a Batman Cryptologic slot and a slot Wonder Woman.

The graphics on the Batman and Wonder Woman slots are a perfect image of the same cartoon characters. The Batman video game machine has 5 reels and 50 pay lines and two bonus features and a bonus use. The icons of the game are all themes inspired by the masked Batman. Goal in the Batman slot machines is to snap up the jokers.

Wonder Woman is not just something for all fans of the popular comic strip. This 5-reel slot machine with 50 pay lines is broadly as the Batman Slot built, only that the symbols here rotate thematically around Wonder Woman. The aim of Wonder Woman is to twist so many enemies of Wonder Woman as possible. The enemy symbols pay out the most money if you win. Wonder Woman has an all around great gaming experience, with exciting music and attractive bonus features.

December 19, 2009

Millionaires Club Slot Cracked by a 29-year Old from UK

Millionaires Club Slot MachineThe slot machine with progressive jackpot, which was Millionaires Club, last week re-cracked. The lucky winner, or more precisely, the lucky winner, skims the princely sum of $ 421.076 when they succeed in the online casino, Intercasino, the Millionaires Club tried their luck. The 29-year-old winner is from the UK and is the mother of two children.

The Millionaires Club of progessive jackpot slot machines, the flagship of Cryptologic, a leading software provider in the internet casino industry, has been in the past often easier to insurmountable, most recently in August this year, when within a week the two players Jackpot brought, - first, a player an incredible $ 1,547,314 and then a second player, won a few days later, $ 186.118. The largest gain in the Millionaires Club occurred in 2007, when a player won a staggering sum of more than 8 million U.S. dollars.

The Millionaires Club slot seems to be a real cash cow on which is definitely worth a try. And who knows, might with luck, he also make you richer by a lot.

December 18, 2009

Bingo Brain - Play Wise and Be Wise

Believe it or not: you can actually have fun and at the same time become more wise.

When one thinks of the typical bingo player, you probably will not think of someone who has some kind of Albert Einstein thinking and logic. Instead, you might think of a pensioner who will play one or two times a week for bingo.

Fortunately, there are many who knows that the prejudice of the greyish, dull, aging bingo players is hard to justify too. Since it is possible to play bingo online too, a whole new world opens up, which has breathed new life into the game and its image has changed fundamentally.

A new image and a new life - but that's not enough: researchers have found that bingo, and the just as interesting online bingo can be a really good brain exercise. The game is therefore a positive effect on the development of your brain have and help you increase your brain capacity.

The tests with the positive results were recently carried out over a longer period in England. 112 people of all ages between 18-82 years were divided into two groups, of which one group played bingo for a long period, while the other completely passive. The results of the experiment were clear: The group of bingo players could have the clearly better results than the development of brain function was tested.

The results showed that in this way that develops the brain of a bingo player in several respects. The bingo players have developed a good memory and were further able to think faster and more precise than were those subjects who had not played bingo. The evidence also that the concentration of bingo players was better. They were asked to understand and perform tasks better than non-gamblers.

According to the researchers, the good results came about because the brain at the bingo games will be kept active. A bingo player must be careful simultaneously on several things. He must keep his eye on many payment cards and watch, of course, is proclaimed what number or pulled, so no full card or any other winning combination will be missed. Finally, the social aspect of bingo is important - so we want to live out the whole bingo experience completely, one should also talk with his opponents, or chat with them. All this should be the main reasons that the bingo game was a really good activity with which the brain can be kept healthy and afloat.

Sharp tongues might think that the attempt to deny the above-described proportions when one considers that a game of bingo could be no satisfactory Brain Jogging, because the intellectual challenge was minimal. Here are the researchers who have conducted the experiment, points out that it was not the intellectual challenge, which makes the results of the tests so interesting. The bingo game is the interesting but rather the speed of the game as well as the requirement for the player to be constantly alert and attentive.

Finally, one could also argue that other games offer is at least as good as Brain Gym Bingo. Then, the researchers say, however, that bingo was actually an advantage over other games such as chess, backgammon or poker. This in turn benefits consist in the fact that we at Bingo all the time must be attentive. , Creating a "special mental challenge that required a use of energy, would result in other games not in the same, beneficial way.

Despite several points of uncertainty in the experiment, the researchers do not doubt that bingo, online and offline, is extremely healthy for the brain. And even if there are many other methods by which you can train your brain, most of them are certainly not as exciting as online bingo. So if you play bingo, remember that you offer you brain on of the forms of training and exercise!

December 17, 2009

Online Bingo Tips

Are you new to Bingo? Then read this article and learn how to increase your chance of winning and get the best gaming experience.

Online bingo is first and foremost a game, makes it fun and comfortable, but of course you play on the net to win. In this article you will learn how you can increase your chances of winning considerably and get the best gaming experience.

Select games with few participants
If you play online bingo, it's a good idea to opt for a round with so few participants as possible. The more crowded a bingo hall is, the more players competing for the profits. This means that the chances are low that you are winning. Instead, you play at times that you know that nobody else plays. Study the game pattern on the bingo site you want to use, and find out when is the most space. If you are on the hunt for profits, you may be playing early in the morning or very late in the evening.

Use the chat!
Although online bingo is based solely on luck, you will be determined by many online bingo players to hear the claim that experience is the key to success, if you want to win something. Since we did at the Bingo hardly be "good" may sound silly this notice. And yet: do so many online bingo experience as possible, because the more you play, the better your feel for the game.

Much you can learn by actively participating in chat, share where other players usually like their advice and experiences they have had here or at other bingo sites. Therefore, do not underestimate the chat, even if you're not normally a chat room type. Remember that the online players who do log into the chat, that because they would like to communicate and communicate.

If you now are thus already in chat, for advice and to discuss bingo tips and tricks with other bingo players, you can also take advantage of the fact that the chat is a good place for further gains. Most online bingo chat rooms have chat namely games in the program, you should not miss.

Always read reviews about a new online bingo site
If you have a new online bingo site on the visor, it is always a good idea to read Once a few reviews on the specific site. Even if you are sure to have found a good side, you still try always to find an independent report. There may be other players who have made the payment method or the support site of bad experiences. There is no reason to repeat the bad experience of others on your own - and land in the same unpleasant situation as their game counterparts!

Online Bingo Bonuses
Bonuses are an important element in online bingo and as a new player, it's a good idea, a little bit and find the best bonuses to the best start to lie down on the hunting for big profits. The overwhelming majority of online bingo sites gives you a starting bid of bonus if you register as a new player and give an additional 100% bonus on your first deposit. Take advantage of these bonuses! The better the reward, the more money you have to play and more effort implies higher payoffs.

Listen on timely manner
Play smart. If you have a winning streak, the cessation is difficult. And if you do not win, the temptation is great as long as this remain until they finally get something. Each player has ever been in this situation and knows the difficulty of escaping this dilemma. Knowing when to stop means you have an art in itself, and of course a difficult balancing act. It is therefore very difficult to give you good advice, only this: Be wise, think twice every time, how much can handle your purse before you go to lose again the risk. So always assume that you will lose! A good idea is also to establish before kicking-off a certain amount, the maximum you want to play.

Be patient
Take your time. Online bingo is the player does not make higher demands, such as poker. It is therefore attractive to do many other things at the same time. You can of course be happy to do. However, if you want to enter huge profits, it is important to take time to focus 100% on the game and ticked so that the right numbers on your Bingo ticket. Of course you can also activate the automatic Ankreuzfunktion in the respective bingo software. But even then it is advisable to keep the game constantly in mind. For a possible gain, you probably just very reluctant to want to miss!

Good luck and success in the game!

December 16, 2009

New Slot Machine from Virtue Fusion

Virtue Fusion Alderney, who on the world's leading supplier of Internet bingo solutions, announced the introduction of its new network-based slot machine with a progressive jackpot, "Thor's Thunder" called. Virtue Fusion Alderney, as this year's winner of "Best Software Bino" developed bingo games and network solutions for the online industry, with the company primarily with existing online gaming operators, bookmakers, land-based providers and media companies to do business. This bingo network enjoys the attention from an average of 6000 players who are online simultaneously.

Virtue Fusion Alderney offers bingo games to known providers, such as Mecca, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Sky, Bet365 and Gala. Her most recent release of multilingual products and accepting different currencies, was accepted by the players well, so that this company is in most European countries and also well positioned globally. Virtue Fusion Alderney Limited is based in Alderney and therefore also reports to the local legislation.

The brand new game from Virtue Fusion is called "Thor's Thunder" is a slot machine with 5 reels and 20 paylines, with a progressive jackpot, which is attached at £ 50,000, wild symbol and a special round. You can bet this amount to between 0.01 and £ £ 5.00 per line. Win - depending on the amount used for a line - a portion of the jackpot by placing 5 Flash symbols on a line. The bonus game gives the players the choice between three shields, to reveal to the multiplier.

Bob McCulloch, CEO of Virtue Fusion Alderney, said: "The development of this slot machine clearly shows the intent of the company, exciting game for our operators and their players develop. Thanks be to maintain the attention of the players, we are able to loyalty to improve the side and, ultimately, our market share."

December 15, 2009

Status of Bingo in the United States

The online casino gambling market in the U.S. was left by one day to the other by the foreign online casinos practically, when the UIGEA was introduced and implemented. Most companies stay away from the market, but a handful of online gambling sites found ways to offer gambling and the Americans still adhere to the law. Several companies entered the market, even with the knowledge that the law does not already able to comply ply equested. The Canadian-based Parlay Entertainment has a great interest in the U.S. market. Her latest attempt to grab market share without breaking the law, is an initiative for gambling in social networks.

Parlay Entertainment is an online bingo software developer and provider for the global gaming industry. From the jump into the pages of social networks is seen both for the company, then, the social networking sites some profit. For example, on Facebook recently announced that they will then implement a pay system that the user can use for different games on this popular site. This could be one of the new ways by which promises to Parlay a piece of the huge American market.

The new games are designed to teach the residents, the popular gaming Americans under the legal provisions of the USA. The online casino industry speculation about when it will again allow her to serve the American market. So many hopes were placed in a decision by Barack Obama, the UIGEA undone again, which however failed so far. Some observers of the online gambling market are of the opinion that the market will reopen in a year what others doubted, and in turn recommend to the industry tend to find other ways to re-penetrate the U.S. market.

December 14, 2009

Bingo Players are Getting Younger

A new study of online bingo players shows that the average age of online bingo players since last year has decreased. This study is based on player statistics and bingo registrations, all of which show that appeals to online bingo now increasingly also a younger audience.

Certainly has until now kept the faith, bingo is a game for old women, but now this has changed radically in a short time: Now there are more people who are, on average, top fifty, but players will end the Thirty Bingo. This is a huge leap, as it were an enormous success for the entire industry. That industry observers believe the reason for this change in view of the fact that more and more young adults are looking for alternative ways of gambling.

A bingo hall in Peterborough, UK, reported an increase of 400% players after they bingo hall has tried to attract younger people.

The manager of Gale Bingo, Mark Dowling, let it be known: "The gaming industry is Kriesenfest, but not safe from the recession. People still come here to go out at night. It may well be that they do not spend quite as much time as elsewhere, but it's still a fabulous night out. The business is in decline by about 20% since the smoking ban there, but people start coming back. We'll probably never come to the attendance record as we had him a few years ago, But the decline in visitors is over, we now look forward to an upward trend."

Gala Bingo is the biggest bingo operator in the UK store as well, where more than 175 bingo clubs with over five million members. This operator will pay its members weekly gains of more than £ 28 million from.

Gala Bingo is part of the Gala Group, which includes both Gala Bingo, as well as a casino, the Coral Eurobet and include games.

December 13, 2009

Online Bingo Becomes A Social Network

Internet bingo is the easiest way to try out for new players learn the game with the white balls and his social side. Most major online bingo sites offer sign-up and launch constant new promotions for new and old members. In addition to crisp profits also attract providers with extensive chat functions and other communication facilities. This means that online bingo players get entertained and have fun on the pages. Here, friendships are formed and a few lucky people have even found the love of (real) life.

A UK online bingo site had recently published a survey and online bingo players were questioned about what they like about internet bingo. More than 2000 people participated in the survey, which concluded that the players especially appreciate the shared experience of the game. The players believe that friendships that might arise from the popular game, a sustained impact on their lives.

The online bingo industry has grown significantly over the past years. The boom probably is because of the new taxation scheme in the UK, which is adopted by many operators of bingo halls in the traditional market on the island. In addition, many enjoy the benefit of the game at home to be able to exploit. Since then, the chat functions to be significantly expanded, the online versions of the game into a serious alternative to the traditional variant has become the most commonly been used in smoke-filled halls of seniors. The online version of the game is now so popular - thanks to the Internet Bingo which is now supported by the society, regardless of age, gender and location - just pure fun.

December 11, 2009

Platinum Play has New Option for Online Roulette

Platinum Play has New Option for Online RoulettePlatinum Play Casino Fortune Lounge has specialized on solid Roulette action with the comforts of home. Here are the names of Roulette Program, the repertoire includes a variety of Roulette variations, such as European, French and American roulette, which enrich the player with a little luck, with huge jackpots.

Platinum Play offers a comprehensive guide to the game. With these instructions, the players will learn everything there is to know about the roulette game. There are good tips and tricks to show how one can still successfully play.

If you are a beginner Roulette (in), Platinum Play offers free Roulettspiele you can where you get used to the game before you start playing for real money. The free version of the game does not require use of the money of their account. This is the best way to learn more about the game before you deposit money at the casino. In the graphics and the gameplay the same as for the games with real stakes are so that you are perfectly prepared for the real casino action.

As a typical representative of its genre in the Platinum Play Online Casino Forum Roulette at online casinos, all of its games can not be ignored in terms of playing experience and thrill. It has never been so easy to surround yourself with the haze of prestige and glory, as with the roulette games at Platinum Play Online Casino.

December 10, 2009

Online Casino Gambling: Skill or Luck?

The feeling in the online casino if you win a large sum, is an incredible experience, which can be given to each, since in these games, the luck factor always plays an important role. The element of luck implies that everyone has the chance to win the big jackpot. But everything depends only on luck, or you can improve your chances of winning by playing your skill.

Gambling and casino games can be divided into two categories - one category is only for the happiness crucial in the other category of games, you have the opportunity to influence the odds of the right decisions. If you take in a game decisions need is always the decisive factor in game of skill, which means that a better player will play more profitable than an inexperienced player.

If you are in a game in which the skill can be crucial and you want to increase your chances of winning, you have to learn as much as possible about the game and understand and apply the optimal strategy. By applying the optimal strategy to increase your chances of winning.

The results of card games such as blackjack are based on certain combinations of cards and the decisions which the player based on these cards affect the odds of winning combinations take decisive. At first glance, it appears that craps is a game to act, to decide at which the dice randomly on profit or loss, but if you know how and where you have to make the operations improved, so much the odds.

To decide the games, in which only the good fortune to include lotteries, online slots, baccarat and roulette. It is necessary during the game, no decisions are taken, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Also in baccarat you have no chance to influence over the proceedings, nor in the online slots, each has the same chance of winning. This is pure gambling. These games are great for new players who want to have a little fun while playing games and would like to think not so much.

No matter what game you choose, keep in mind that goes with all games, always a bit of luck. In some games it is advantageous if you have some skills and understand the strategy, because you increase your chances of winning. The best things about playing in online casino is that you can win the grand prize ... every day. If you have enough happiness.

December 9, 2009

Woman Wins a Car at an Online Casino

On 20 September the third and final winner of a car in the Grand Slam of Slots "tournament at a Fortune Lounge Casino Group was determined. The Fortune Lounge Group, has seven casinos, one of them is the Platinum Play. The winner is Jane G. and cleared a profit in the form of a car with a value of $33,000.

The lucky winner was playing with at the "Car Giveaway 3" tournament, which is equipped with the game "Tomb Raider". The tournament began on 25 August and ended on 20 September. Jane felt the win as a blessing, and was also stunned. She waited two weeks after the game concluded on the announcement of the results of this tournament, until she finally found out that she had won a car. She had invested a total of a buy-in of only $10.

The other winners of the competition were Chontel B. and Maria C. The tournament already offered prizes worth more than $415,000, and the participating players were still given last chance to win fabulous prizes like a brand new car. The next game, which the tournament has to offer, is the Avalon slot machine. Then, the prize pool will amount to $10,000 and the buy-ins will be reduced to only $5.

Each winner, who has a ticket for the final round, will participate in a 9-day live-Final Tournament, where the Tomb Raider slot machine is played. The finals will begin on 22 October and lasts until 2 November onwards. The hour-long tournament is endowed with a prize of one million dollars.

There will also be opportunities to participate in free tournaments and exclusive tournaments for invited guests only, or "Lucky Draws" are already being planned. These offer the slot machine fans the opportunity to win a seat in the grand final tournament, whose gigantic size of the jackpot is $1 million.

The players are encouraged to enter now for the tournament, if they do not want to miss the chance to win the huge jackpots.

December 8, 2009

Online Keno

Keno is a very simple game that is played worldwide by many people. A further reason for the popularity is the fact that the rules and the game itself all over the world are the same.

The real Keno game is the same as in a lottery. Select some numbers and if these figures with the numbers which match be drawn, you win. It is similar to Lotto, where players use a small amount and gain in return for a large sum. In Keno there are plenty of variations, the player can choose among 80 numbers.

The player can decide how many numbers he plays and the minimum is 1-4 numbers (depending on the online casino) and the maximum of 10-20 numbers per game. The computer then draws 20 numbers. The goal of the game is that as many as possible of the self-selected numbers match the numbers drawn, so you tried to get as many hits as possible.

What is the payout depends on 3 factors: how much was bet on each game, how many numbers were selected and how many numbers are the same. Generally speaking, this means the more you use and the more numbers you select, the higher the potential payout, but with reduced numbers selected by many the chance to match all the numbers.

The amount of the minimum and maximum use vary from casino to casino, where you at some casinos, with a bet of $ 1 can even win up to $ 50,000. A round is called a Keno Keno Race, although some casinos offer so-called Multi Race Keno games are played simultaneously in which multiple keno games.

December 7, 2009

Let It Ride Casino Gambling Tips

Let It Ride is an exciting casino game based on a unique form of poker. It is so unique, because at Let it Ride, unlike other poker games, in which one can call a raise and some basic applications, the maximum use directly and those uses will reduce with each successive card according to the ranking of hands can. This approach is therefore completely different than the usual casino games, but there are also at Let It Ride, a strategy with which you can secure the maximum profit

Your goal should be to get a Straight Flush or a Royal Flash, since the payments for these hands are disproportionately high.

An "outside straight" refers to a combination of 4 consecutive cards, for which lacks a card at each end to get a straight. If you had 9-TJQ example, you would need for a straight, an 8 or a King. An "inside straight" draw means a combination of 4 cards, which is missing in the sequence in which a card to get a straight. For example if you have 2-3-5-6 at hand, this is an "inside straight" draw, as a 4 would only bring you a straight. Thus, an outside straight draw 8 outs (number of cards, which will help you) get a straight, whither against an "inside straight draw" has only 4 outs.

The house advantage for a default payment at Let It Ride is 3.51%. The optional side bet has a house edge of 13.77% unacceptable when the best payout table considered as a basis for payment. This is one of the highest house advantages that exist in online casino games at all. Therefore, as part of your strategy, you should never use the side bet option.

Perhaps a final tip for playing in the live casino: Be attentive! Sometimes other casino players, who themselves are celebrating a little, when your hole a little unwise to open cars. The observant player can perhaps catch a glimpse of what might help him make decisions on borderline and reduce the house advantage.

December 6, 2009

How to Play Slots

slot machinesWe hardly need to further explain that slot machines and slot machines are the biggest money-maker for the casinos. Almost everyone who uses a step into a casino, at least once even playing at slot machines. Like a lottery, slots offer you the chance to earn a fortune and with only minimal use. Basically, there are no rules or policies that have to be pinned. But: Who wants to play slot machines smart, already requires certain skills. Here you will find the basic tips on how you can increase your chances of winning - until you crack even the Jackpot!

All slot machines can operate in about the same and it does not matter whether you play online or in a real casino. In the latter turn the wheels either by pulling a lever ( "one armed bandit") or by pressing a button. In an online casino that yes (actually is a real casino, but just not a physical one like the one in Las Vegas or somewhere else) you are using your computer mouse. Sounds easy, but it is not - at least not if you want to win.

Regular Slots
In "normal" slot machine jackpot is one Teild of earnings and the submissions and never changes. Its amount is clearly shown regularly on the machine. Other slot machines offer more realistic payments, known as progressive slots. As its name implies, the jackpot grows wider and wider, and that with each coin that is thrown.
Although the jackpot in the "normal" devices become smaller and appears not as lucrative as the progressive, so the odds here are still much larger.

A simple rule you can say that it appears always wise to play on a traditional machine with three tracks that contain the symbols "bar" and "7" there. Under this system, three tracks are not as many combination as with a four or five-track machine. These devices, of course, provide a much higher jackpot, because of your many combination with single, double, triple bars, sevens, etc., of course, decreases the chance to earn the right combination.

Progressive Online Slots
If you want to get the biggest jackpots ever, do one of these (take) click on the link. You should also remember that the profit chances are even lower here than in a regular unit with five tracks. Other hand, these jackpots are won sometimes and obviously you never know - maybe even today is your lucky day.
Another thing you need to know is how many coins you want to interject and how the payment system of the machine works, where you are playing.

Most machines accept one to five coins and the payout of the jackpot depends on how many coins you have played the final. Example: If the payout for one coin 500, it amounts to two 1000, three in 1500, etc. In this case it would not benefit from more than a coin insert long (500 is enough).

On other slots the jackpot is paid out according to a much higher multiplier on the number of coins. Let's say that the payout for one coin in cracking of the jackpot is 500, that for 2 would be 1200, for 3 2000, etc. In this case, it would be much better to always play with the greatest possible number of coins. You should always do that, if this bonus is offered.

December 5, 2009


BaccaratIf you are looking for a casino game that is very easy to play, then Baccarat is certainly the perfect pastime for you. The house edge here is the best bet at only 1.06%. Baccarat is played almost as easy as the coin toss, in which it is to see whether heads or tails will be up - fast!

Baccarat is played in the casinos each in separate areas. Normally there is a rope around the baccarat table, what this game is visually distinguished from the other casino games. Baccarat players are generally very chic clothes and also enjoy playing a staggering operations. An ordinary baccarat table is the size of a craps table. Usually 3 dealers serving 12 to 14 players at each table. Every player - including those who can play as a croupier - either taking the position "players" (players) or "The banker" (the bank). Normally, however, the dealer plays the bank.

The game revolves around the table, just like the dice game craps. Does not want one player taking the position of the dealer, he may pass the shoe (The Shoe) to the next player at the table. The dealer retains its function as long as the bank wins. The player who has just dealer draws two cards face down and then puts them under the shoe. Then the player with the highest use of it also has two cards face down.

The player then looks at the card and then returns it to the player who mimics in each round of the dealer. Accordingly, the dealer flips the card-player, whereupon the 3 croupiers announce the "Total". Depending on the amount the dealer is the casino the player-dealer to ask about hand out a third card. Finally, the dealer of the casino profits to the winning player and collects the bets of those who have lost. The player who has just croupier assumes no financial responsibility for the bets of other players, as it is for example in Pai Gow Poker is the case. Croupier at baccarat player must only distribute the cards and turn around.

December 3, 2009

How To Play Poker

pokerBefore you sit down at the poker table, make sure that you have read the sign next to the dealer, is displayed on the minimum bet for that table. After you have made your minimum bet, five cards are initially dealt face down to each player. After this first edition begins the first real round of betting. You must at least call ( "call") to stay in the game. Afterwards, you must decide which cards to keep and which you want to throw away. They may decide to keep and make as many or as you like. After each player has made his decision on this at the table, the dealer shall notify the players from each of as many new cards as the players have thrown away. After this second and final output will be reinstated. After everyone has made his bet at the table, open the cards and the player with the best hand takes the pot in the middle.

How does the setting at Poker? In most games they have at least a minimum amount ( "ante") set to get dealt cards. After all cards are dealt, you have basically three different options:

When you call ( "Call"), you simply put just as much as has been set since you were the last time in the series. Example: You have put a dollar in the last lap and someone else two. Now run the call by putting an extra dollar.

If you want to increase (raise), you must first go with the highest on the table used. After that it alone is up to you how much you wish to set. Let's stay in the above example: Someone at the table increased by a dollar, they must then call it with a euro "and are pleased to be able then to" raise ". Most tables, however, to set a limit, which in turn depends on the minimum for a table. When you play at a table with a minimum of one euro, it may mean that you can not possibly put more than ten euros in one round.

If they fold ", so together the cards and throw them away, get out of the current round, and lose any chance of the pot in the middle. You should do this if you feel that you are with your hand in any case had no chance of winning. When you fold ", you have to put anything into the pot.

Order of poker hands

Royal Flush. This is the highest hand in poker and consists of the following cards: ace, king, queen, jack, ten, while all of the same color.
Four of a Kind. This is a combination of four cards with the same value.
Full House. This is a combination of three cards of equal value, plus two other cards equal value.
Flush. Five cards of the same color.
Straight. Five cards in sequence regardless of their color.
Three of a Kind. Three cards of same rank and two cards.
Two Pair. Two different value pairs and any fifth card.
A pair. Two cards with the same value and any three cards.
Ace-King. The paper contains an Ace and a King, and any three cards.

Have two leaves open the cards at about the same rank (for example, if two players have a three-of-a-kind) have wins, the one with the higher-value cards (eg, three boys are better than three orders). If the two sheets) for this comparison is still the same (e.g. two Jacks, the leaves are called "copy hands" and the dealer wins.

December 2, 2009

Poker Mania - Worldwide Poker Fever

The poker mania has spread throughout the world. Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of TV coverage that has become more and more accessible for the public that has finally contributed to the Poker Mania. Poker has changed in recent years in large scale from dark cellars of the living room PC's moves. Several million people play at different levels, from 2 cents to $10,000 per use, in hour-long matches. For this reason, it has mutated into one of today's fastest-growing Internet industries.

According to Poker Pulse, there are approximately 1.8 million players in January that play poker over the Internet. All the players accumulate in just 24 hours an average of 191 million U.S. dollars from their home computers. But in January, the industry grew by 9%. This means that the market is growing at an unprecedented speed.

December 1, 2009

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