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December 2, 2009

Poker Mania - Worldwide Poker Fever

The poker mania has spread throughout the world. Thanks to the Internet and an increasing number of TV coverage that has become more and more accessible for the public that has finally contributed to the Poker Mania. Poker has changed in recent years in large scale from dark cellars of the living room PC's moves. Several million people play at different levels, from 2 cents to $10,000 per use, in hour-long matches. For this reason, it has mutated into one of today's fastest-growing Internet industries.

According to Poker Pulse, there are approximately 1.8 million players in January that play poker over the Internet. All the players accumulate in just 24 hours an average of 191 million U.S. dollars from their home computers. But in January, the industry grew by 9%. This means that the market is growing at an unprecedented speed.



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