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December 3, 2009

How To Play Poker

pokerBefore you sit down at the poker table, make sure that you have read the sign next to the dealer, is displayed on the minimum bet for that table. After you have made your minimum bet, five cards are initially dealt face down to each player. After this first edition begins the first real round of betting. You must at least call ( "call") to stay in the game. Afterwards, you must decide which cards to keep and which you want to throw away. They may decide to keep and make as many or as you like. After each player has made his decision on this at the table, the dealer shall notify the players from each of as many new cards as the players have thrown away. After this second and final output will be reinstated. After everyone has made his bet at the table, open the cards and the player with the best hand takes the pot in the middle.

How does the setting at Poker? In most games they have at least a minimum amount ( "ante") set to get dealt cards. After all cards are dealt, you have basically three different options:

When you call ( "Call"), you simply put just as much as has been set since you were the last time in the series. Example: You have put a dollar in the last lap and someone else two. Now run the call by putting an extra dollar.

If you want to increase (raise), you must first go with the highest on the table used. After that it alone is up to you how much you wish to set. Let's stay in the above example: Someone at the table increased by a dollar, they must then call it with a euro "and are pleased to be able then to" raise ". Most tables, however, to set a limit, which in turn depends on the minimum for a table. When you play at a table with a minimum of one euro, it may mean that you can not possibly put more than ten euros in one round.

If they fold ", so together the cards and throw them away, get out of the current round, and lose any chance of the pot in the middle. You should do this if you feel that you are with your hand in any case had no chance of winning. When you fold ", you have to put anything into the pot.

Order of poker hands

Royal Flush. This is the highest hand in poker and consists of the following cards: ace, king, queen, jack, ten, while all of the same color.
Four of a Kind. This is a combination of four cards with the same value.
Full House. This is a combination of three cards of equal value, plus two other cards equal value.
Flush. Five cards of the same color.
Straight. Five cards in sequence regardless of their color.
Three of a Kind. Three cards of same rank and two cards.
Two Pair. Two different value pairs and any fifth card.
A pair. Two cards with the same value and any three cards.
Ace-King. The paper contains an Ace and a King, and any three cards.

Have two leaves open the cards at about the same rank (for example, if two players have a three-of-a-kind) have wins, the one with the higher-value cards (eg, three boys are better than three orders). If the two sheets) for this comparison is still the same (e.g. two Jacks, the leaves are called "copy hands" and the dealer wins.


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