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December 22, 2009

History of Online Pachinko

Online PachinkoPachinko is originally from Japan and is based on a combination of pinball and slot machines. The term "pachinko" comes from the Japanese word pachi-pachi, which means so much to small objects, such as clicking or being used as another term for the crackling of fire. Pachinko uses many small metal balls, which look like the balls in a ball bearing. The original Pachinko machines were entirely mechanical, and came out without electricity. Over the years it continued to develop and computerized versions were developed. The players have the opportunity to determine the force of bullets, this is now no longer required mechanics, this task now takes over the computer.

Pachinko was once played exclusively in Japanese pachinko parlors, but in the course of the year, the game grew in popularity and quickly spread over the entire Asian continent. In the pachinko, balls are used, such as the chips in Poker. The players go to the pachinko parlors to buy a certain number of bullets and load them into the machine. Thereafter, the players shoot the ball into the upper part of the board, which consists of several pins, the players can win extra balls, which are already in the machine. In Japanese Pachinko parlors, it is illegal for the balls to be replaced with money. In some casinos, the balls at the end of the game but can be exchanged for cash.

To prevent the players in the modern casinos from bringing their own balls, they play with virtual bullets. The players throw coins into the vending machine and receive a certain number of balls. The players shoot the balls into the pitch, the results are recorded by the pachinko slot machines and paid through the end credits or coins.

From the pachinko casinos came into the online world. Like in modern casinos, the players buy in online casino virtual bullets and used for deposits from their players account. If the players are lucky, they can then gain extra balls or credits. To fire the ball, players simply press the on-line on their mouse button, and can thus determine precisely the force with which the ball is shot. Thanks to a new generation of online players who know no geographical limitations note the popularity of pachinko in the online world constantly.


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