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December 18, 2009

Bingo Brain - Play Wise and Be Wise

Believe it or not: you can actually have fun and at the same time become more wise.

When one thinks of the typical bingo player, you probably will not think of someone who has some kind of Albert Einstein thinking and logic. Instead, you might think of a pensioner who will play one or two times a week for bingo.

Fortunately, there are many who knows that the prejudice of the greyish, dull, aging bingo players is hard to justify too. Since it is possible to play bingo online too, a whole new world opens up, which has breathed new life into the game and its image has changed fundamentally.

A new image and a new life - but that's not enough: researchers have found that bingo, and the just as interesting online bingo can be a really good brain exercise. The game is therefore a positive effect on the development of your brain have and help you increase your brain capacity.

The tests with the positive results were recently carried out over a longer period in England. 112 people of all ages between 18-82 years were divided into two groups, of which one group played bingo for a long period, while the other completely passive. The results of the experiment were clear: The group of bingo players could have the clearly better results than the development of brain function was tested.

The results showed that in this way that develops the brain of a bingo player in several respects. The bingo players have developed a good memory and were further able to think faster and more precise than were those subjects who had not played bingo. The evidence also that the concentration of bingo players was better. They were asked to understand and perform tasks better than non-gamblers.

According to the researchers, the good results came about because the brain at the bingo games will be kept active. A bingo player must be careful simultaneously on several things. He must keep his eye on many payment cards and watch, of course, is proclaimed what number or pulled, so no full card or any other winning combination will be missed. Finally, the social aspect of bingo is important - so we want to live out the whole bingo experience completely, one should also talk with his opponents, or chat with them. All this should be the main reasons that the bingo game was a really good activity with which the brain can be kept healthy and afloat.

Sharp tongues might think that the attempt to deny the above-described proportions when one considers that a game of bingo could be no satisfactory Brain Jogging, because the intellectual challenge was minimal. Here are the researchers who have conducted the experiment, points out that it was not the intellectual challenge, which makes the results of the tests so interesting. The bingo game is the interesting but rather the speed of the game as well as the requirement for the player to be constantly alert and attentive.

Finally, one could also argue that other games offer is at least as good as Brain Gym Bingo. Then, the researchers say, however, that bingo was actually an advantage over other games such as chess, backgammon or poker. This in turn benefits consist in the fact that we at Bingo all the time must be attentive. , Creating a "special mental challenge that required a use of energy, would result in other games not in the same, beneficial way.

Despite several points of uncertainty in the experiment, the researchers do not doubt that bingo, online and offline, is extremely healthy for the brain. And even if there are many other methods by which you can train your brain, most of them are certainly not as exciting as online bingo. So if you play bingo, remember that you offer you brain on of the forms of training and exercise!



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