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December 15, 2009

Status of Bingo in the United States

The online casino gambling market in the U.S. was left by one day to the other by the foreign online casinos practically, when the UIGEA was introduced and implemented. Most companies stay away from the market, but a handful of online gambling sites found ways to offer gambling and the Americans still adhere to the law. Several companies entered the market, even with the knowledge that the law does not already able to comply ply equested. The Canadian-based Parlay Entertainment has a great interest in the U.S. market. Her latest attempt to grab market share without breaking the law, is an initiative for gambling in social networks.

Parlay Entertainment is an online bingo software developer and provider for the global gaming industry. From the jump into the pages of social networks is seen both for the company, then, the social networking sites some profit. For example, on Facebook recently announced that they will then implement a pay system that the user can use for different games on this popular site. This could be one of the new ways by which promises to Parlay a piece of the huge American market.

The new games are designed to teach the residents, the popular gaming Americans under the legal provisions of the USA. The online casino industry speculation about when it will again allow her to serve the American market. So many hopes were placed in a decision by Barack Obama, the UIGEA undone again, which however failed so far. Some observers of the online gambling market are of the opinion that the market will reopen in a year what others doubted, and in turn recommend to the industry tend to find other ways to re-penetrate the U.S. market.


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