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March 8, 2013

Increasing Number of Bingo Players

One leading market research company has recently published its latest survey on the online bingo industry. The survey showed that more and more young professionals begin with a qualified training before they play online bingo.

The report also revealed that the number of online bingo gambling players under 45 has risen over the past 10 years by 62%, which is roughly the time span of the the entire existence of the game. The social demographics also changed showing that more and more executives and professionals engage in the fun. This group of players increased proportionately from 11% (five years ago) to current 38%.

In other words, it means that there are 700,000 out of the 3.4 million online bingo players that are young professionals and actually finished education. This increasing number of young people can be explained by the availability of the Internet which is able to track and explain any location. Young people also are also proven to be fast learners and can easily adapt new terms and technologies that are being introducd to them.

The online bingo rooms also offer players the opportunity to make and establish online contacts during an occasional bingo game.

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