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January 8, 2010

32 Red Online Casino Jackpot

The 32 Red Casino was the place where the lucky online casino players with jackpots brought home, the supervisor should satisfy their financial well. 32 Red Online Casino is a huge high-quality games, there will also by the players themselves continuously elected as favorite among online casino sites. While there are many sites that want abhaben also a piece of cake, but so far has 32 Red can enforce against its competition is always good. It is always such as the gains from last weekend, which make the casino so popular. According to the casino management have made it two players last weekend, taking profits from a total of £ 80,000 to take home.

These jackpots, however, can hardly be compared with the jackpots that are won by the players on the progressive slot machines, but in view of hard times financially and in view of the upcoming Christmas, they are still worth mentioning. Both winners were of course very pleased with their profits. The first among them was a woman from Germany who played on the 5-reel slot machines Lots of Loot. She won whopping £ 31,633. The second winner was a Canadian player who made his profit of £ 29,342 at the video poker game "Jackpot Deuces.

Both players were playing regularly at 32 Red Casino and other sites. The 32 Red Casino was delighted to announce the winners to be allowed - other players were smaller prizes home, the sum of the huge profits at around £ 80,000 was. The 32 Red Casino to wish all players good luck and hope that they get a lot of exciting entertainment for their used money.


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