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January 11, 2010

Online Casino Fights Against AIDS

Non-governmental HIV / AIDS organizations have a lot of reasons to be thankful. The Vegas Partner Lounge has done a series of annual contributions to those organizations that "focus attention on the needy and help them want to, so it was the manager of the Casino, Austin Green announced.

The Vegas Partner Lounge has donated $ 18,000 to the AIDS hospice "Leratong" in Pretoria, the capital of the Republic of South Africa. Leratong provides accommodation and care for people infected with HIV, among which are mostly children and elderly patients.

Austin Green stated that the Vegas Partner Lounge is working hard this year to an even greater amount. "We urgently ask our players to play the three pre-online games, of which 25% of the wager to be set aside for donations."

It has not been decided so far, is used for what purpose the money this year, but the announcement will be before 1 Held December, lets you know the casino manager.

To raise money for good causes, has the Vegas Partner Lounge nominated three of the most popular online casino games, which will serve this purpose. This means that all players who play one of three video slots - Secret often the Sword, Thunderstruck, or Kung Fu Monkey - will automatically donate one quarter of their deployment to the "Vegas Partner Lounge 2009 HIV / AIDS Fund.
The Vegas Partner Lounge has 10 online casinos, which are all involved in this year's fundraising activities. Visit to learn more about it.



nice work for the casino peeps ;)


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Nice and impressive post.
It is always a fascinating experience to play casino. I often play online casino games. It is a better imitation of the land-based casinos, rather it offers many varieties of casino games. I am also online casino games maniac. But if the revenues are being donated in charities than what could have been better than this!! Every time, the more I play more I admire the game.

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So this is like, gambling for a good cause? Sounds weird but indeed with playing we could help hundreds of lives in danger. Thanks for sharing!


This is really a nice post to read. Casino companies not only give pleasure or entertainment to the online casino gamblers but they also help those who are in need.

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