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January 10, 2010

Online Casino and Tennis

The integrity of sport is a hot topic these days at online casinos and the gambling industry, because the tennis had already been taken in the past because of fixed matches quite a bit of negative attention to himself. The authorities of different countries are concerned about the relationship between athletes and online casinos because of their impact on the results. An integrity unit for tennis (Tennis Integrity Unit, TIU) was established to oversee the sport. With this presentation of the sports games fixated hopes to be able to investigate and act accordingly. The TIU studied here all suspicious betting patterns and instructions to players. Now the latest case for the TIU, but looks more like bad luck than for a truly fixed match. The Integrity Unit will nevertheless set in motion an investigation to ensure that all incidents that took place in line with the rules of the game.

The whole thing started with a lot of betting in-game, were flooded with the online casino betting sites midst of a tennis match between Caroline Wozniacki and Anne Kremer. The players were playing their second set with Caroline in the lead when Caroline's father told her daughter that she should cancel the game because of injury to their knee tendon, which would worsen if they played the game ends. The message has been received in Polish, but for some clever players it has been enough to bet a lot of money on the victory at Anne Kremer.

Later there Wozniacki actually play on the favorite and the decision cost the bookmakers a lot of online casinos money because they are not in response to the changed situation, the odds could change in time, and the damage could not be averted. This case seems to be an accident, and for the bookmakers, it is probably a series of unfortunate events. However, the TIU has announced an investigation to ensure the integrity of the sport and to ensure that the game fair and honest for everyone involved expired. It seems as if the resignation had not played the game because Wozniackis problems as they occurred the day before for the same injury to the ground.


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